It doesn’t work.

Why do people expect computer-experts to have a magic crystal ball?

I often get complaints like: “it doesn’t work”. Even from quite computer literate people.

Suppose you call your garage and tell them: “hi, it’s me, Car problem!  I tried to drive to work this morning, but it didn’t work”. Most people will volunteer details like: I didn’t find my car where I parked it. Or “I couldn’t open the door”. Or “the motor didn’t start”. Or “it made a funny sound when … ”

Why does all this sense go out the window when it’s about computers?

Of course, occasionally the “computer guy” who gets asked such a question will know: “oh, I just changed the firewall configuration, I may have slipped up and forgotten to re-enable your internet access”.

This often leaves me with no option but to reply: “yes, it seems you have a problem”.




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